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Although 20+ years removed from the farm, farmer's daughter is still a title I enjoy.
Growing up on a farm taught me many invaluable lessons, two of those being frugality and creativity.
Now as a wife and a mom, I love to put into practice what I learned growing up as a
Farmer's Daughter.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2/8/10 Menu

This week has already gotten off to an interesting start.

Levi, who has been battling a horrible tooth ache due to incoming wisdom teeth, woke up this morning with his throat nearly swollen shut.

Due to the fact that breathing is encouraged in our house, we spent the morning in the doctor's office getting a new antibiotic to combat the raging infection taking place in his mouth as a result of these emerging bicuspids.

Levi and I ended up being gone all day - Md, pharmacy, school . . .

Megan had a sub job today - 8th grade special education . . .

Brian picked up Joel after basketball practice and took him to his 6:45 soccer game - which they won . . .

All of this meant that no one was home to:

1. clean the kitchen;
2. straighten the house;
3. start the laundry;
4. take the dog out;
5. keep the fire going;
6. plan a menu; or
7. make a grocery list.

Which means:

1. there are no clean cups, bowls, or spoons;
2. the house is a mess;
3. there is one clean kitchen towel remaining;
4. Scooby peed on the floor;
5. the fire is out and the house is cold;
6. we are eating cereal for supper;
7. Brian and Joel stopped at Walmart on their way home and bought milk and cereal.

Like I said, this week is already looking interesting.

Add to the mix two long-distance away ballgames and the prediction of 5-9 inches of snow. . . and it looks like I will be keeping to pretty simple suppers.

Monday - waffles, cereal or leftover meatballs from yesterday - a virtual smorgasbord of choices
Tuesday - potato soup with beans, homemade sausage and mushroom pizza - to be eaten after Joel's away basketball game or while we are snuggled up next to the fire enjoying being snowed in!
Wednesday - venison BBQ sandwiches, chips, fruit salad
Thursday - patty melts and/or left over BBQ sandwiches, cheesy spinach soup
Friday - eat out after Joel's away game
Saturday - Ribs! I am searching for a good recipe.
Sunday - eat out/prepare for Valentine Banquet

Recipes I will highlight this week: cheesy spinach soup and whatever rib recipe I decide on.

Love Me


Brian Ashmore said...

Sounds like Monday was a "grab it" night. We're probably having one of those tonight.

Hope Levi's doing okay.

Me said...

Yes, thank you. Levi is doing much better. A different antibiotic made all the difference:)