Farmer's Daughter

Although 20+ years removed from the farm, farmer's daughter is still a title I enjoy.
Growing up on a farm taught me many invaluable lessons, two of those being frugality and creativity.
Now as a wife and a mom, I love to put into practice what I learned growing up as a
Farmer's Daughter.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Strawberries and Pie Crust . . . and a walk down memory lane

Growing up we always had a great strawberry patch. I have the best memories of picking strawberries and even better - eating strawberries as a kid!

And since I have a summer birthday, I often got angel food cake and strawberries for my birthday. Still one of my all-time favorites.

My kids love strawberries too. We had a great strawberry bed at our first house.

When he was little, Joel was notorious for going outside and picking his own strawberries and eating them right on the spot!

Joel probably about 1 1/2 years old caught eating a strawberry!

I love strawberries so much that my first kitchen was ALL decorated in strawberries - even down to a red stove and refrigerator. Have you ever seen anything so cool?

Red stove and refrigerator bought from
Brian's boss for $75 - I totally LOVED them!
Longaberger recipe basket with strawberries painted
on the top by Brian's mom - I still use it today.
And of course strawberry towels and hot pads.

Me (pregnant with Megan) making French toast.

(sorry for the crooked scan - lol)
Notice the strawberry basket ceramic canisters
above the window and matching strawberry wind chime
hanging in the other window.
These were a gift from my mom and dad on my 16th birthday.
They were made by a local Baptist preacher
who also had a small ceramic shop.

Now that it is understood that I love all things strawberry - on to the recipe at hand.

Probably my most favorite way to eat strawberries is with broken up homemade pie crust.

Simple. Sweet. Salty.

Pure summer goodness at its finest.

Pie Dough -

1 cup flour
1/3 cup plus 1 Tbsp. Crisco
1/2 tsp. salt

Mix ingredients well.

Gradually add 3 Tbsp. ICE water.
Mix well and form into ball.
Roll out flat on floured surface and place on cookie sheet. With a fork, poke holes in dough.
Bake at 350 degrees until lightly browned.
Allow crust to cool. Break into pieces.

Serve with room temperature sliced and lightly sugared fresh strawberries.

If you are craving strawberries and pie crust but don't have time to bake your own crust, try crumbling up Ritz crackers over room temperature sliced and lightly sugared fresh strawberries. Equally as yummy.

Love Me


A City Girl said...

Oh I love the pictures. Wow, I knew you liked strawberries but not so much that you had a red fridge and stove. Although very cool. :) Well maybe that's where my girl's love from strawberry's comes from. Just the other day Gracie and Lilly ate a whole carton of strawberries in 2 days.

Brian B said...

Can we have some with pie crust tonight?

Me said...

Sure! You bring home the strawberries and I will make the pie crust.

Didn't that picture make you miss little Joel?

Bree - I am glad to hear the girls love strawberries too!