Farmer's Daughter

Although 20+ years removed from the farm, farmer's daughter is still a title I enjoy.
Growing up on a farm taught me many invaluable lessons, two of those being frugality and creativity.
Now as a wife and a mom, I love to put into practice what I learned growing up as a
Farmer's Daughter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mother's Swiss Steak

Brian and Me c. 1985 - Back when I thought winter was fun!

I love everything about this recipe - it is easy, it is quick, it is hardy, and it is tasty! Mother has made this recipe for years and it has always been a favorite of mine . . . and Brian's.

During my senior year of high school Brian started coming over every night after work to see me and he would stay for supper. I never thought about it then, but looking back on it that was a little bit of pressure on my mom.

We always had classic meat and potatoes suppers, and there always seemed to be enough to go around. But one night supper prospects must have been looking a little skimpy. My mom said something to me about Brian coming over every night for supper.

My response to her was the following romantic, impassioned plea: "I won't eat then. Let him eat mine; he needs it."

Never again did Mother say anything about Brian coming over for supper. She knew I had it and had it bad! I loved him and wanted to take care of him!

Now almost 24 years later, I can't help but think about that when I make this swiss steak.

2# cubed steak
salt and pepper
4 Tbsp. flour
cooking oil
1 can cream of celery soup
1/4 cup water
1 Tbsp. A-1 steak sauce

Cut meat into serving portions. Season meat with salt and pepper and dredge in flour.

Heat oil in skillet. Brown meat on both sides.

Mix remaining ingredients and pour them over meat.

Cover and simmer over low heat for one hour or until tender.

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